Dr. Noir Speaks

I've been working with Dr. Lana’s clients for nearly a decade, and I have heard it all.

Now, I've been reading Dr. Pepper Schwartz's book, The Normal Bar: Surprising Secrets Of Happy Couples & What They Reveal About Creating A New Normal In Your Relationship, and I've found out even more good stuff.

What do you think men who are unhappy in their marriage want more of in their relationship?  Sex?  Excitement?  Money  Football? 

The first answer is:  COMMUNICATION.  Men want their partner to talk more or listen more.  Ruff, ruff, guys. 

The second is affection.  And the third, sex.

Next week I'll tell you what women want!

If you have any questions, like what is the way to a man's heart, just ask me.  Trust me, I know.

Ruff, ruff for now!

Dr. Noir