Community Grief

When tragedy strikes a community, it evokes emotions throughout our community.  The tragedy in Marysville touches each of us. While most of us are not directly involved, we may still experience the stages of grief.  With repeated newscasts, it can seem like a string of tragedies rather than a single one.  This is especially true of children and students, and may evoke flashbacks from people who have been affected by other tragedies.

Stages Of Grief

Denial:  you may think it was a mistake, but not that bad. 

Anger:  you may find yourself being generally irritable or blowing up over something small.  Many people have trouble sleeping and then wake up in a bad mood.

Bargaining:  you may thinking if only.  If only the school, if only the family, if only no guns, etc.

Depression:  sadness, regret, and loneliness, with a desire to withdraw or go to bed.

Acceptance:  resignation, withdrawal, and calm. Not happy, but not depressed either.