Dr. Noir On Getting Through The Holidays Intact

I'm back already!  I overheard Dr. Lana talking about some tips for getting along with those you love over the holiday season.  So here we go!

1. Stop redundant conversations:  if you have had the same discussion more than twice already, drop it. The more you go over and over disagreements, the deeper the divide between you grows. Sometimes you just need to accept that you two don't agree.  But you don't have to agree.

2. Escalating arguments, where the volume and tone gets more and more intense are bad for your health and for your relationship.  Stop.  Just don't do it. If you get caught up in it, take a break, get a glass of water, or go to the bathroom and breathe. Put on a smile, re-enter the conversation, and listen. This is someone you love, not an enemy.

3. Do not give constructive criticism because there is no aspect that is "constructive". Criticism is by definition expressing disapproval and noting the problems or faults of a person. No one looks upon criticism as a "gift". It's just negative opinion and who are you to judge, right?