Teens Dream Video Competition

Linda Staheli, my daughter, spoke about a new Teens Dream Video Competition on "Chat With Women" this week.  Here are more details!

The Teens Dream Collaborative writes:  "
We are writing to inform you about a global video competition for teens. In this competition, teens will be asked to create a 2 minute YouTube video about their dreams. The three competition categories include: personal dreams, community dreams, and global dreams. 

The prizes for this competition range from $100 to $500. Finalists will be featured on the website and at a possible event in Washington, D.C.

Help us recruit teens -- 6th through 12 grades -- to enter the Teens Dream Video Competition, which will be accepting submissions until ­December 7th, 2014.

Please see http://www.teensdream.net/about-contest/ for more information about the competition requirements. 

We want to create a global community of change agents and the the first step to accomplishing that is to empower the next generation. Our mission is to have hundreds if not thousands of teens across the world thinking and expressing their dreams and taking action to strive for change.

Thank you in advance for joining our Collaborative and helping us spread the word!"