Dr. Noir's Toolkit

Well, Dr. Pepper Schwartz's toolkit, actually, but she won't mind.  The research from her book, The Normal Bar: Surprising Secrets Of Happy Couples & What They Reveal About Creating A New Normal In Your Relationship offers couples such a thing.

Tool # 1 Just You & Me:  Share an experience, something new, for the two of you.

Tool #2 How Well Do I Know You Game:  Who is my best friend?  What is on my bucket list?

Tool # 3 It takes Two To Tango:  Dancing (or acting like you're dancing) is great exercise for the body and the brain, and more importantly it creates a bond.  It is an activity you can even do at home with no one watching (you don't have to know any steps).

Tool #4 Form A New Book Club For Two:  read the same book and share your thoughts, or read aloud to your partner.