The Who Comes Before The What

Early November is a good time to plan for the holidays.  We want the holidays to be joyful and happy, but often they are the opposite and we end up exhausted, distant from those we love, and with physical and emotional messes to clean up.

Create a plan based on who is most important to you.  Write down the names of 5 people who mean the most to you. If you are in a marriage or loving partnership, put your beloved at the top of your list. I know that often people put children first, but a happy marriage is the best gift you can give your family.

The who comes before the what.

Now write out some ideas of what you think would be a meaningful experience with each of those people.  You can draw from a tradition you have had that has made you feel close to a loved one, or you can search online for ideas on romantic adventures.

For the people you love other than your partner, talk to them about what would be a special experience for them to share with you.

Now, put it on your calendar ahead of everything else:  parties, events, shopping, wrapping, trimming, etc.  All the stuff that can rob us of joy during this special time of year.

Play it right and you'll have created a plan for a successful holiday full of love, joy, and wonder.