Fun Things To Do In The Seattle Area That You May Not Have Thought About

This week, I want to pass along some ideas of how to stay fresh and entertained during this time of year's too much holiday stress and too little sunlight.

The Big Picture Movie Theater:  "Big Picture was the first theatre in the state of Washington to offer a full bar to complement your movie viewing pleasure. The plush inviting lounge and bar area are perfect for gathering with friends before showtime. During the movie, enjoy seat-side drink delivery of hand-crafted cocktails; snack on our award-winning white cheddar popcorn during the show!"

Bejing Herbal Foot Massage:  "Chinese reflexology is based on the concept of energy channels, which is the central point. Chinese reflexology works on the principle that vital energy is channeled along various lines throughout the body, which are known as meridians or zones. In Chinese reflexology they are called zones. These zones transverse throughout the body and are curved or zig-zag pathways. The focus of Chinese reflexology is mainly on the zones of feet and on the reflex areas. These points are stimulated by specific pressure techniques."


Theo Chocolate Tour:  "On our factory tours, we entertain you with the story of cocoa, including the extraordinary transformation of the cocoa fruit into what we know and love as chocolate! We also touch on the social and environmental issues related to cocoa and cocoa farmers. Best of all, you’ll get to try our amazing products! The first half hour of the tour is seated, while the second half hour is a guided walking tour through our facilities. Every guest will leave with a specially wrapped Theo chocolate bar, exclusive to our tours, as a memento of the experience!"