The Fifth Quality That Leads To Being Our Personal Best: Transformation

Life is full of surprises — the love we thought would last forever ends, or the career that we spent years developing takes a dive. Instead of developing our plans in a tidy and orderly fashion, we find all kinds of surprises — some filled with delight and wonder, like the birth of a child or the gift of friendship. Others, ill health or an untimely death, seem to threaten everything we know and believe about ourselves.  Life has hard spots that we are not prepared for. Sometimes they are brief, other times they seem to linger far too long, but they do come and they continue to come throughout life, often without warning. It is these unexpected and unwanted experiences that push us to be more than we have been before.

It is through this natural desire to explore that we can be transformed, changing from one way of being to another. And at each transformation we begin to prepare for the next. Some transformations are easy and they seem to just happen. Others are filled with turmoil and upset. One thing for sure, they keep coming. We can embrace them or resist them, but they are a natural and inevitable part of our lives.

“Two little boys, fascinated by a butterfly trying to struggle out of its chrysalis decided that the butterfly needed some help. Approaching the struggling insect carefully, they slit the chrysalis, helping the butterfly to make an immediate exit. The butterfly staggered with its damp wings plastered next to its body and then after resting quietly for a few moments, died. Horrified, the boys rushed to their father who then explained about the butterfly and struggle. He told them that the butterfly needed to struggle to leave the chrysalis, as this process pumps the blood through its wings so that it can emerge and fly. Struggle is often that which makes us stronger and able to survive.” - Gayle Duncan