Being In Control Of Your Own Happiness

We must be conscious of both our internal and external self to have control or choice over what we believe and what we experience.  The belief that we are in control of ourselves and that our lives are meaningful is more important than fame, fortune, or fun.  Being your best creates the foundation for happiness.  The highest paid executive who believes he is entitled to big bucks is less happy than the lowest paid grocery clerk who knows that she is doing her best and that her best is benefiting others.

Our happiness and sense of well-being are normal and healthy aspects of who we are, driven by our innate need for growth and discovery.  It is only by knowing and accepting ourselves that we can be our best.  Being your best means having self-awareness, an intimate connection with others;  the enjoyment of daily life;  and living altruistic values.  

It is simple and fun to add joy and pleasure to your life while having a clear sense of what it takes to be the best you can be.  Growth and discovery, helping you live your life at the highest possible level, knowing that each stage prepares you for the next stage in this endless evolution of self.  It is through seeking joy and meaning, being happy and open-minded that we can become our best.