The Explosive Life Of Dr. Noir

There was an explosion at our house.  Diva howled.  I barked.  And Dr. Dad looked really sad.

What happened?  Well, a brand new fire-extinguisher blew up for no reason, foaming up the place, getting all over the floor, blanketing the computers, oozing up the inside of lampshades, and -- oh my gosh -- filling the air with white muck.

I did like the Winter Wonderland look, but alas, no one else seemed to agree with me, the party-poopers.

Dr. Lana went down the listings and called all the hazardous clean-up people she could find.  Five people in all had to come to help fix up the place from two different companies -- SERVPRO and Emerald City Cleaners -- the former with their heavy equipment and air purifier, and the latter that took care of every little nook and cranny until the place ended up cleaner than I've ever seen it.  Dr. Dad even had to take his computer to the Mac Store so he could use it again.  All in all, a good time (for me)!