Snap! Celebrating Strengths

In the following chapter of our new book, Snap Strategies for Couples: 40 Fast Fixes for Everyday Relationship Pitfalls, Dr. Pepper and I show how the right kind of encouragement can go a long way in a relationship.   Enjoy another free sample!

The key to ongoing motivation is progress, not completion. This idea applies to you and your partner. Knowing you are making progress motivates you. We believe it is important to talk openly and specifically about what is important to each of you in your relationship, and taking the next step is important to keeping the good times rolling.

One way to motivate your partner is to catch him or her doing something right, at the moment they are doing it. Give it a good “Wow, I love that.” Several things happen when you are “wowed” by your partner. The brain is surprised and the brain likes (good) surprises, so it wakes up and lights up. That jolts leads to endorphins. Voila. You are connected, having fun, and bonding all at the same time. When you express that to your partner, your positive words encourage him or her to do more of what you like. Of course, it goes both ways. The more you express being delighted the better you feel.

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