Diva's Valentine's Day Tips


Diva wants you to know:  Valentine’s Day is coming!  And I’m proud to say that Dr. Lana takes her own advice!  She believes that in relationships, taking a romantic getaway at least once a month is very important!  So it came as no surprise that Lana just took Lynn to Portland.  They left Seattle by train and arrived to, what looked like to be, a wonderful weekend getaway.

Portland, I’ve heard, has so many fun and quirky little shops. They went to one where they tried on all different kinds of hats.  Something sparkly though caught Lana’s eyes, it wasn’t a hat but a selection of dog collars!  She wanted to buy me a glitzy and glamorous collar, after all, my name is Diva! But Lynn wouldn’t allow Lana to buy me a collar -- he prefers leather!

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, I wanted to share some advice:

Keep it simple.

Allow me to use an example.  I love walks, in fact there is nothing better…well maybe a nap by the fire after the walk.  Needless to say, outings don’t have to be expensive or extravagant.  Before Lana left for Portland, I told her, “Take Lynn on a long walk!  It always works for me.” When they came back home, Lana told me they had walked four miles one day and two miles the next day  They were so happy.  Just like I knew they would be!