Bounce Closure

It is with my sincerest gratitude that I announce the closure of Bounce Be Transformed. I cannot close this chapter of my life without returning to the beginning. In 2004, I envisioned a community of women dedicating time in journeying to be the best versions of themselves. Then, in my 32 years of practice, I gathered the tools, knowledge and wisdom to share with the women of the world. It was an awakening journey and certainly exceeded all of my expectations.

Our first event was in October of 2007 where 76 women attended. I was astounded! It was an honor and pleasure to take part in witnessing the self-awareness and transformation of so many women. It was nothing short of impressive. Over the decade that Bounce was active, thousands of women’s lives were touched.

In 2002, Lynn and I cofounded Global HELP in response to the 9/11 crisis. Thanks to the support and encouragement from friends we have had 14 million downloads in over 190 countries in 35 languages for improving the lives of children. I was the relationship expert on the radio show “Chat with Women” until 2014. In 2015, I coauthored “SNAP Strategies for Couples: 40 fast fixes for everyday relationship pitfalls” with Dr. Pepper Schwartz and am pleased to announce it is doing very well.

I am still very active in my own practice. I still see clients on a full time basis to consult on relationships and life strategies. I invite you to continue to follow me here on Ask Dr. Lana ( -- where I post every day, along with weekly comments by my consultants Dr. Noir and Diva -- on Facebook (Lana Staheli), and LinkedIn (

Thank you for being part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours.

All the best.