Julie Miller & Her 'Fast Track To Success' Program

My friend Julie Miller -- speaker, trainer, coach -- and I first met when she profiled me in her book "Secrets Of Self-Starters”.  She also leads leads coaching programs for business groups about how to create a culture that brings out the best in your organization’s team.  From her bio:  "Julie has consulted, trained, and coached at all levels (from CEO to individual contributor) with wide-ranging sizes and types of business (startups to established Fortune 500 companies)."  Below is one of her recent updates and if your organization is interested in setting up your own program with her, please visit www.successfactorsinc.net or drop her a line at info@drjuliemiller.com!

Passion Adds Purpose

"Passion supports success by providing the 'why factor.' In other words, why am I headed where I am and why should I keep going no matter the obstacles in my way. Passion is a success factor that underwrites Vision and Perseverance. Aside from aligning internal visions with organizational ones, we know that employees and business owners who are passionate about where they’re headed are more likely to stay the course, no matter the obstacles.

Let’s say someone has a vision for success but is easily set back when facing adversity. How much can a personal or organizational vision carry the day without a purpose to drive perseverance? Sure, some people have a greater natural or learned ability to overcome adversity, but for the rest of us, feeling passionate about our vision and goals adds strength to our drive and purpose to our ability to go around, but forward.


Perseverance Provides a Pathway

Perseverance keeps people moving toward their vision, despite obstacles. If you watched this year’s Academy Awards, you heard many winners mention how they 'never gave up.' That’s a critical success factor for anyone and a must-have in the competitive nature of Hollywood. Guillermo del Toro grew up in Mexico and never dreamed he would win an Oscar for best picture (The Shape Of Water). But in his acceptance speech, he said it does happen and concluded his speech with inspiration for young filmmakers, especially in the fantasy genre: 'This is a door; kick it open and come in.'

And potential future Oscar nominees like Chadwick Boseman (The Black Panther) have continued to open the door wider for black actors and films featuring black heroes. Boseman played several real-life heroes (Jackie Robinson and Thurgood Marshall) before his role as the Black Panther. He even accepted a little help from an actor who succeeded in a big way -- Denzel Washington. Washington was a benefactor to Boseman’s career, contributing to his tuition for the Oxford theater program. Boseman is now an actor, director and screenwriter who plans to pay it forward.

All Three Work Together

How much of the success for these trailblazers belongs to Passion, Vision or Perseverance? Or is it more likely some combination?

For example, without a Vision, how do Academy Award winners, successful athletes, and successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs persevere? How can someone stick to a vision of success, even one based on his or her passion, without a clear vision of the end point? Without Vision, a persevering individual might get back on the horse, but head in the wrong direction. It’s way too easy to let circumstances dictate where we go and how we get there. Having Vision gets us back on the right path, the one we set after careful consideration, the one we see as our future.

In our Fast Track to Success! and workshop programs, we ask participants to tell us how they think Vision, Passion, and Perseverance interplay. We then help them assess and refine their personal Big Three Success Factors -- and have fun doing so."