Snap! Plan Sex

In the following chapter of our new book, Snap Strategies for Couples: 40 Fast Fixes for Everyday Relationship Pitfalls, Dr. Pepper and I talk about how planning for sex can be both healthy and romantic.   Enjoy the free sample!

Multiple studies clearly show that people who have active sexual relationships that include orgasms are healthier and happier than those who do not, yet sex can drift into the background of busy lives. If it seems that Americans have less time for fun, you are right. Studies show that citizens of First World countries like Spain, France, Sweden, Norway, Italy, and Canada have nearly two hours of leisure time a day, whereas Americans have less than one hour a day. A study by NationMaster, “a global team of passionate stat geeks,” shows that the United States ranks twelfth in the world in the amount of leisure time available. Americans have only 5 percent of their time for leisure. Citizens of Canada, France, Sweden, Norway, and Finland, all countries with strong workforces and strong GDPs, have over 8 percent of their time for leisure.

We are sorry to say that one important aspect of a couple’s leisure life has been a victim of this busy lifestyle, and that is an energetic, passionate, and dynamic sexual relationship. We believe it is essential to schedule time in advance that is reserved exclusively for enjoying one another physically. Scheduling sex does not cramp sexual desire. What it does do is make sure that sex happens. Couples need to use the times before sexual contact for seduction and anticipation. Foreplay has to happen way before two people get between the sheets.

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